Terms and conditions


Bimshares is a portal that offers you a membership where you can access and download hundreds of Premium and free resources. These resources are original files of the author. For this reason, the following return policy is established:

When a refund applies:

1. A charge made by bimshares incorrectly, for example; a double charge, an additional charge for a canceled subscription, etc. 2. After purchasing the subscription and not making any downloads, within 48 hours after the subscription. 3. If you do not have access to the platform and do not get help or response from technical support for a period of more than 72 hours.

When a return does NOT apply:

1. No refunds are made on subscription renewals, unless it has been previously canceled (cancellation must be a date before the date of the renewal fee) and has been charged later by mistake, if this is not the refund does not apply. 2. When 1 or more downloads have been made from the portal


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